A Congress of Magicians

    June 25 to July 1, 2015

    We’re gathering again on the
    beautiful Turtle Creek land
    in Mendocino. Ayman and
    Rowan, and their friends
    Nikki and Swami welcome you
    to Union of the Kingdoms, an
    annual gathering of culture
    creators who assemble to anchor
    spirit in our world through ceremony,
    community, music, art, and council.

    See these pics from previous years by Amy and Rowan.

    A party with a purpose…

    Union of the Kingdoms is a Spiritual Experience created by all the party-cipants! Various ceremonies and meditations will provide a meaningful context for our epic “Congress of Magicians” community council that will stimulate your mind and inspire your heart as we explore topics like Sacred Commerce, The Designer Economy, a Blueprint for a New Humanity, and more.

    Also in store are two fabulous nights of music and dancing, featuring special DJ sets brought to you by an international lineup. Parents, please keep reading for details on Mana Youngbear’s “Magic Kingdom” Kids Camp.


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    Featured Party-Cipants

    Rowan Gabrielle

    Co-Host, Author, Artist

    Rowan Gabrielle is a visionary artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with 20+ years experience in the conscious marketplace. Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a New Humanity, which she co-authored with her husband Ayman Sawaf, puts focus on evolving the business world one person at a time, emphasizing a system guided by spirituality. It tells of the Merchant…

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    Ayman Sawaf

    Co-Host, Author, Musician

    Ayman Sawaf is an international visionary entrepreneur, published musician, and best-selling author. Ayman is one of the original creators of the discipline now known as Emotional Literacy and an early pioneer in Emotional Intelligence. His book Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations which he co-authored with Dr. Robert Cooper was the pioneering book…

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    Nikki and Swami

    Co-Hosts, Land Stewards

    Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya, original San Francisco hippies, have had the honor of stewarding the land known as Turtle Creek Ranch for 12 years. This magical land has been enhanced by their additions of sacred areas and statues, ceremonial gatherings, and tender care for the environment. They also have honed the fine art of…

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    Samavesha Gayatri Devi

    Ceremonialist, Soul Activator

    Between 1992 and 1998 a series of profound spiritual experiences disrupted my studies at UCSD. My dream was to work in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine. In 1998, I left my formal conventional education, realizing that finishing this demanding degree was no longer necessary. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Rehabilitation Energy…

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    Mana Youngbear

    Magic Kingdom Kids Camp Director

    Miss Mana and the Magic Kingdom returns to Turtle Creek for more fun filled adventures! Mana has 40 + years of experience with children and teaching. Along with magic wand making, capes, caps , crowns and wings will be under construction both Friday and Saturday. Other activities include a puppet show, story time, outdoor classroom…

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    Alarra Saress

    Musician, Sound Alchemist

    For two decades, Alarra Saress has developed potent skills as a healing artist. Following her foundational BA in Philosophy she studied and received certification in Massage, Acutonics Sound Therapy, Ayurvedic Sacred Stone, Prenatal Bodywork, Aromatherapy, Holistic Health, Shamanic Studies, Spiritual Essence of Plants, and much more. Working with sacred sound has become a primary focus…

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    DJ ~ Tribal Hybridelica

    Mission Statement… allowing for the natural ebb and flow of light and dark. Melodies channeled from within, Rhythms from around the world and Beats and Bass that sway the body into ecstatic release… Keeping it smooth and Sexy while tapping into the unlimited realms of Adventure, Beauty and Elevated States of Consciousness… Intentional dance music…

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    Aire Redtree

    DJ ~ Fairy Whomp

    Aire Redtree is a lyricist, composer, and a DJ that has been developing her own unique style of “Fairy Whomp” over the past decade. She has been performing both locally and internationally, and has performed hundreds of shows throughout California and beyond. She’s been performing in clubs, underground venues, and festivals since the late 90’s,…

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    Janaka Selekta

    DJ ~ Breaks/Dub/Jungle

    Janaka Selekta started DJing Jungle and Drum n’ Bass to packed underground venues in the late 90’s. Over the years, his sets have evolved to include many genres, seamlessly moving from different tempos and intensities to truly rock a dance floor. As a multifaceted producer Janaka is renowned for sculpting cutting edge sonics, hard hitting…

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    DJ ~ Urban Beats World Music

    DJ Feral spins grooves that balance an urban edge with Eastern spirituality, bass beats and swirling rhythms. His mixes transform the dance-floor using organic elements of voice, percussion, Asian and Middle Eastern instruments combined with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, and ethno-dubstep. Feral has appeared with other great DJ talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef…

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    DJ ~ Trance/Psi-Grooves

    Goz is a San Francisco-based DJ known for uplifting trance and deep psi-grooves. He has played many events and festivals in NorCal since the late 90s, including extensive participation over the years in the music and entertainment scene at Black Rock City. He has been supporting the vibe on the Turtle Creek land since its founding.

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    DJ ~ Street Ritual

    A true music pioneer, Nas-ja is a soulful gypsy revealing an eclectic perspective for life experience through various creative mediums of passionate work ethic. This Colorado native found a strong sonic vision through the mountains of Roaring Fork Valley, while musically evolving with instrumentations of the piano and violin during his childhood years of sound…

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    Details & Schedule

    Main house on the Turtle Creek land

    Main house on the Turtle Creek land.

    You are joyfully invited to join us at the Turtle Creek land for a most special gathering of the tribe, a celebration of the Union of the Kingdoms, on the magical Full Moon weekend in June. Arrive as early as you can on Thursday to really enjoy the entire weekend and get your bodies and souls adjusted to turtle time.

    Plan on camping under the full moon, swimming in the idyllic swimming hole as well as Lake Rubberducky, walking the labyrinth, sharing in rituals and dancing to your heart’s content to some of your favorite DJ’s and musicians. This is just a taste of the event to whet your angelic appetites, as we delve into the Union of the Kingdoms.

    Thursday 6/25 Friday 6/26 Saturday 6/27 Sunday 6/28

    Gates Open

    Say Hello to the Land

    Set Up Camp

    Prepare Your Own Meals

    Breakfast and Lunch will be available (for purchase) at Jia Patton’s “Café Amor” from 9am-2pm. view menu

    Day Time: Magic Kingdom will be open from 2pm to 7pm with a treasure hunt at 5:30…will be filled with events for the children, including making their own magic wand.

    7pm: Welcome from Nikki and Swami, then Pot Luck Dinner on tables under the trees.

    8:30pm: Welcoming Ceremony by Ayman and Rowan, detailing the events planned and setting the intentions for the weekend.

    Union of the Kingdoms Ceremony: Opening the Portals will begin at 8.30pm.

    Evening of ambient music on the side of the house:
    9:00 Lux D’Coda
    10:00 Goz
    11:00 Janaka Selekta
    12:30 Nas-Ja

    Breakfast and Lunch will be available (for purchase) at Jia Patton’s “Café Amor” from 9am-2pm. view menu

    12 noon: Giant Clothes Swap & Color Training. Rowan will teach you all about color and personality and “Dressing your Essence.”

    2pm: “Congress of Magicians” community gathering hosted by Ayman Sawaf and Steven Ehlinger, a few hours discussion with everyone about Sacred Commerce, The Age of Consciousness, The Designer Economy, and A Blueprint for a New Humanity (a new mythology, economy, ecology, etc.)

    7pm Communal Buffet Dinner under the trees, catered by Chef Bishma Young (included in ticket). Magical entertainment provided by Barry Brilliant.

    8.30pm: “Alchemy of Forgiveness” Ritual, Healing Ceremony, Procession to the Land of Enchantment.

    …followed by dance party with the elements, the Kingdoms, and each other; music provided by:
    9:00 Aire Redtree
    10:30 Kaminanda
    12:30 Feral
    2:00 Subcoling + Nas-Ja

    Breakfast and Lunch will be available (for purchase) at “Café Amor” from 9am-2pm. view menu

    12 noon: “Harmonic Medicine and Living From Your Blueprint,” a sound healing workshop with Alarra Saress.

    2pm: “The Sacred Art of Craft Cannabis” Nikki and Swammi of SwamiSelect.com share the secrets of fine organic sun grown canabis, and what the future of legalization in CA is looking like.

    3pm: Closing Ritual – Manifesting your dreams for your self, your loved ones, and the world.

    4pm: Healing Ritual w/ Gayatri at the labyrinth. Going deeper in the healing between the realms.

    Afternoon of ambient music:
    1:00 Goz
    2:00 Aire
    3:00 Feral
    4:00 Irieyes



    Monday 6/29 to Wednesday 7/1:

    Camp Feel Good

    Chill out, dreamtime, decompression, integration. Relax. Leisurely Pack. Say Goodbye to the Land by 4pm on 7/1.

    UOK_Magic-KingdomMana Youngbear’s Kids “Magic Kingdom”

    Friday 2-7pm
    Saturday 9am-2pm
    Saturday Night Sleepover 8pm-midnight
    (parents take over watch from midnight on)
    Sunday 9am-2pm
    These are fixed open hours; there will be additional flexible hours as well which we’ll sort out on site.

    THE MAGIC KINGDOM will feature mask making and children’s theater. There will be a series of events including: Crystal Wand Making, Mask Making, Face Painting, etc. There will also be a Saturday night sleep over in a tipi for those children that want to.

    The location has moved this year and will be underneath the trees near the main house. Families are invited to camp all around there if they want to.


    Vegetarian Chef Bishma Young


    From Chef Bishma Young, who will be catering our vegetarian communal buffet on Saturday night:

    Hey! My name is Bishma Young and I am passionate about cooking international delicacies. I started my cooking life as a child spinning around in the kitchen in between adults watching them cook for an annual festival. I grew up in California, raised following Indian Vedic culture. This led me to spend my youth in India travelling through West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa learning everything I could about local traditional food, ayurvedic cooking and of course: spices. Growing up as part of my culture we practiced Ahimsa (non-violence) and bhakti yoga. This why I only cook vegetarian sattvic food (in the mode of goodness). In Vedic Culture cooking is one of the pillars of holy lifestyle. It is a great joy to bring the benefits and experience life has given me to your table for any occasion.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is The Union of the Kingdoms?

    Read blog on this. Also… The time has come for the reunion of the human, devic and faery kingdoms. And so we present, under the guidance of visionary artists, Rowan Gabrielle, Ayman Sawaf, Swami Chaitanya, Nikki Lastreto and friends, a special gathering of our tribes, filled with magic and mystery and dripping with enchantment. In times long ago, many people understood and worked with the faery realm and actually crossed back and forth between the two. Read More…


    What is intended with The Union of the Kingdoms?

    • To create a deeper sense of community and bringing together of spiritual family.
    • To open gateways between faerys and humans by creating, through artistic setting and ritual, an experience for humans to feel and know the faery realm, and visa versa.
    • To create a deeper understanding, love and respect between the physical world and these unseen energies.
    • To create a transcendent (life changing) experience that lifts people seamlessly into a higher resonance.
    • To fully realize, understand and accept the meaning of “ekam sat vipra bahudra vadanti” or: “The Reality is One, The Wise Speak of It in Different Ways.”
    • To co-create and bring into existence a state of pure wonder and beauty with You, our Tribe of philosophers, musicians, artists, dancers and friends.


    Can I Invite Others?

    Feel free to invite inner circle, we want a luscious group to gather. Turtle Creek is a sacred sanctuary stewarded by Nikki and Swami and we honor the land by limiting the number of guests to our friends and friends of friends — 200 spaces maximum — so please use discretion in sharing this invitation.


    Can I Rent a Fancy Tent?

    Please email info@sacredcommerce.com to inquire about one of our limited luxury tents.


    Can I be a vendor?

    Vendors and Healing therapists are welcome and encouraged. Please email info@sacredcommerce.com and let us know if you would like to make your services available.


    What Should I Bring?

    * Your children! We encourage children of all ages and ask the young ones to dress up specially and they will be welcomed to lead the procession on Friday and Saturday evening

    * Your Working Crystals and personal power crystal to super charge in the crystal grid

    * Fancy Dress for Friday and Saturday night: Haute Faery Couture and Magician inspired .. be creative or be yourself!

    Read Full List…


    What Should I NOT Bring?

    Another way we honor the land at Turtle Creek is to ask that NO DOGS accompany you unless they are in the “Billie’s Friends’ Club” (if you don’t know what that is, it means your dog is not a member!)

    Also, the Forest Faeries have made it very clear that they prefer us to not park vehicles in the forest or on the meadow, so when you arrive, plan on driving to your camping spot, unloading your gear and then parking in the newly expanded and cleaned out parking area in the back of the forest.

    NO PERSONAL FIRES: Please be always aware, have no candles even at your campsites, and do not walk and smoke at the same time and always use an ash can to extinguish butts etc.

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      Travel Information


      Air Travel

      The closest airports are in the Bay Area
      (SFO and OAK), Santa Rosa, and Eureka.

      Turtle Creek Land

      Specific directions will be emailed to you
      when you purchase your ticket.


      Driving Time

      It takes about 3 hours to get here from
      Bay Area. About 2 hours from Eureka.

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