FAQ: What is The Union of the Kingdoms?

The time has come for the reunion of the human, devic and faery kingdoms. And so we present, under the guidance of visionary artists, Rowan Gabrielle, Ayman Sawaf, Swami Chaitanya, Nikki Lastreto and friends, a special gathering of our tribes, filled with magic and mystery and dripping with enchantment. In times long ago, many people understood and worked with the faery realm and actually crossed back and forth between the two. Some, such as the great wizard Merlin, were half human and half faery. The understanding between the two realms was great and wisdom was shared.

Over time the gateways were closed, as humanity grew further from our roots and traditional ways. Eventually, we forgot that these doorways ever existed. In that forgetting, we also forgot to care properly for the Earth and the Elements, instead focusing predominantly on the mental planes including science, politics and religion. These discoveries propelled our consciousness forward and developed our understanding of many things. However, the time has come to reconnect with the faery realm – to open again the doorways of learning from one another. Doing this takes a willingness to forgive ourselves and others for the events of the past.

This process of reawakening our relationship to nature and to faerys essential to the evolution of our planet and is a source of great healing and spiritual understanding. It is also of course the Union of all of our individual “kingdoms” with each other and the animals and plants who have thrived here always. It is also the Union of the Western and Eastern Kingdoms, as the faerys dance with the various statues of Shiva and Buddha, sharing their forest, once again reminding us that all is One. Ancient wisdoms will envelop us and guide us to deeper understandings of the many levels of existence and time and reality on this great planet we share.