FAQ: What Should I Bring?

* Your children! We encourage children of all ages and ask the young ones to dress up specially and they will be welcomed to lead the procession on Friday and Saturday evening

* Your Working Crystals and personal power crystal to super charge in the crystal grid

* Fancy Dress for Friday and Saturday night: Haute Faery Couture and Magician inspired .. be creative or be yourself!

* Goods and services to sell or trade in the “Sacred Market”

* Crystals that you work with and would like to be a part of the crystal grid.

* Thursday and Friday dinner potluck food/drink contributions

* Tent and camping gear for chilly nights in the high-40’s to low-50’s

* Fancy Tent Folks: bring along an extra blanket if you get cold and if you have not paid already, your $75/per night for the tent rental

* Your own plate, cup and utensils for Friday potluck and Sat dinner (if you forget, we will also have paper plates etc. here, but we’re trying to be Green)

* Flashlights to carry and illuminate your tent

* Water jugs (think Burning Man, please bring your own for your campsite)

* Sun showers (there is a community outdoor shower area)

* Ice chest and ice

* Sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent *Swim gear *Warm clothes for night and cool for daytime. *Sandals for the day and boots for night

* Friday Night Attire: Faery Clothing

* Saturday Night Attire: Magician’ wear

* Yoga mats for Sunday morning yoga

* Clothes from your closet for sharing at the Giant Color Led Clothes Swap under the trees.