DJ ~ Street Ritual


A true music pioneer, Nas-ja is a soulful gypsy revealing an eclectic perspective for life experience through various creative mediums of passionate work ethic. This Colorado native found a strong sonic vision through the mountains of Roaring Fork Valley, while musically evolving with instrumentations of the piano and violin during his childhood years of sound exploration. In 2007, he was introduced to the underground bass scene when he moved to California as he immediately dove into the world of bass music production, ultimately becoming a self-taught Ableton producer, conscious seeker, and musical expressionist. Burning Man culture was the pivotal point of ground-breaking emergences that have aligned in Nas-ja’s path filled with authentic connections to a strong network of high vibration music families that made his “search for the sound” a community based music experience. Being involved in the Burner scene over the years, he aims to elevate and align through his momentum of upward flowing spirals of rhythmic sonic adventures meant to create emergences into new realms.

Nor Cal is where he learned and worked production crew with the Earth Dance festival and various similar vibes while diving into event production and power-lighting fixtures which intriguingly extended his​ ​​career​ ​growth. He then moved to South Lake Tahoe in 2010 and founded CommUnity Pro-jeckt (a collective of producers, DJ’s, and family), which ignited countless appearances in shows and festivals by engaging in creative collaborations with other musicians, aerialists, circus performers, painters, and fire dancers. He soon linked up with their local Circus Performers (The Willy Woggle Circus) and they would throw Burner parties with circus and fire dancing, burlesque, juggling, and coordinated dance, which brought a quality family vibe back to the parties. In Tahoe, he had the privilege to work​ ​with Fresh Bacon, which initially triggered the flowing of on-going appearances. Soon​, ​CommUNity Pro-jeckt​ ​joined​ ​Irieyes​, ​the Mindful Massive Family and evolved in expansion, which led to the creation of the Bass Mountain festival. During these time periods, they were also helping with the Enchanted Forest Festival, which led to their power team at Foreverland. As of 2015, they will also be running the power for Lucidity Festival, a journey of full potential possibilities, an entrance into the futuristic realms are unfolding.

Nas-ja has a strong appetite for fresh creativity. A story of self-reflection of prophetic visions through music creation of trial and error has led him to the ever-evolving now. He’s simultaneously gaining internal inspirations which have led to deep transformation through manifestations. He sees music as a medium for personal growth – a “medication meditation” ritual which goes far beyond human existence. Inspired and in tune by the world around him, such as nature, his music family, appreciative fans, healing aspects of music (aiming to focus on tonal therapy), and the idea of music as a life-long creative process, he has entered a Universal gateway of limitless knowledge of truth. He is embarking on new musical projects such as Lext Nevel and Gypsy, new chapters which will keep ​his creativity​​ fresh and​​​ flowing​.​

Nas-ja is on his path of discovery fueled by passion​, pure life experience, intuitive guidance, and solid emphasis in community building. A positive and industrious individual, one can feel his sonic frequencies through flavors of eclectic styles meant to nourish the soul into deep meditation through rhythmic percussion and heavy drum patterning meant to open the mind’s eye​ filled with massive ancient downloads of aural escapes​. He also brings soothing and echoing melodic frequencies mixed with mesmerizing fusions which stem from a diverse spectrum of fresh sonic intonations. Each self-reflection is a guidance of visions felt through mystical leads, intriguing composition, deep alluring basslines, light and dark tones, and gratifying harmonics – ultimately creating a language of musical expression of its own through deep patterns of layered textures. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with other music pioneers such as Eoto, Nasty Nasty, Benito, Anasia, Dibiase, Epcot, Jansten, Dj Muggs, Eprom, Love & Light, Eskmo, Russ Liquid, Black Rock City All-Stars, Energy Alchemist, Vibesquad, Opiuo, Mimosa, Ill Gates, Heyoka, Goosebumpz, G_Jones, Mr Rogers, Crystal Method, and Dna Beats to name a few.