Co-Host, Author, Artist

Rowan Gabrielle

Rowan Gabrielle is a visionary artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with 20+ years experience in the conscious marketplace. Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a New Humanity, which she co-authored with her husband Ayman Sawaf, puts focus on evolving the business world one person at a time, emphasizing a system guided by spirituality. It tells of the Merchant Priesthood of ancient Egypt who practiced emotional alchemy and sacred commerce in their pursuit of beauty, goodness, and truth, and follows their influence up through the ages into the modern era of the rise of the global citizen. She is the founder of, a company focused on Eco-Fashion and revolutionizing our relationship to animals and the clothes we wear. She is deeply passionate about spirituality and inter-species communication, a connector with deep relationships across many subject areas. She is also a special event producer and a photographer.