Union of the Kingdoms is an annual gathering of culture creators who assemble to anchor spirit in our world through ceremony, community, music, art, and council.

This festival began as a celebration of my art and Ayman’s music. Because we travel so much for our various projects, dreams, and visions, we wanted a way to be able to really drop in with our friends we rarely see and share what we are creating. I was birthing my first photography book called Union of the Kingdoms, which featured a series of ‘Body Art’ photo shoots taken in sacred sites around the world. I would take people on a meditation to embody the color energy of the place I was capturing, taking their pictures in a magical setting in nature or in sacred sites ranging from England’s stone circles, to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the pyramids in Egypt, etc. At the same time, I wanted to bring attention to the Faery world/kingdom.

We know of the Faery world/kingdom mostly only through fairy tales. Ayman often loves to get a laugh out of audiences by pointing out that in their world, the Faery folk tell their children human tales! The Faerys are often confused with the spirits of nature like the Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines, etc. —basically little creatures that fly, are clumsy, funny, and cute. Actually, the Faerys are Humanoid and share our world in the same time, but in a different dimension, a parallel world. They are evolving like us, they think and feel, have families, go to school, and even to therapy!☺These two worlds used to work together in the past and interacted on a regular basis, even intermarried. Probably the most famous personality in our history who was half fairy and half human is the well known wizard called Merlin.

Our first event took place not far from Merlin’s cave in England, on a land made beautiful and magical by our friends and partners in the event, Trix and Dickon. This is a sacred land where the energy of Faerys is very pronounced.

The event was a great success. It was more than a party, it turned out to become a spiritual transformative event that changed people’s lives.

We continued over the years expanding on this event and Union of the Kingdoms festival became a spiritual experience for those who attended it. We’ve gone on to offer two of them in the sacred land of Turtle creek in Mendocino county with our magician friends Nikki and Swami. We expanded the concept to include and celebrate the other kingdoms who share the earth: Animal, Plant, Human, and Faery. Collaboration between these kingdoms is a must in the emerging of the new world and its evolution.

The 4th Annual Union of the Kingdom Festival of 2015 will be an event that goes beyond celebrating our art and our friends’ art to become one within which we undergo spiritual transformation, healing the past, opening a portal to receive the new energies, co-creating a resonance that will change us all. It is an event where the party-cipitants practice Sacred Commerce, the commerce of ideas, inspirations, visions, and dreams, as detailed in our book. In addition to the rituals, meditation, dance, and celebration, we are creating the Congress of Magicians, a community gathering to explore new ideas like Sacred Commerce, The Designer Economy, A Blueprint for a New Humanity, and more.

We are already dreaming up a future Union of the Kingdoms in the form of a trip to Egypt’s sacred sites, with activation rituals along the Nile Temples, as well as a gathering in southern Spain.

Stay tuned ☺

Rowan Gabrielle